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Winnifred Lachner
(Co-Autorin aus Deutschland)

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That's how freedom works!

What does a cabaret artist, serial founder, crypto investor, dropout, club founder and life artist have in common with a muse, traveling love researcher, peace ambassador, emotion teacher and soul activist?

They all had “completely normal” jobs before these extraordinary appointments. One was a bank clerk, computer scientist or toolmaker, the other a teacher, IT manager or student. But at some point they all realized one thing in their lives: that a job to earn money, a house as a safe roof over their heads and a fancy car in the garage do not bring them real happiness and fulfillment in life. That's why, after drastic experiences in their lives, they decided to create their own sustainable path to freedom and finally to live the way they really want deep in their hearts.

In this "This is How Freedom Works" encouragement book, they take you a bit into their footsteps and tell you how they found their very personal fulfillment. They want to encourage you so that you too can manage to find happiness in your own life, despite great uncertainty and recurring doubts.

You can expect a multitude of stories of courageous people who have all gone their own way and are still going it. You will receive tips from experts and concrete tools for your own development. They help you overcome your fears and doubts, take action and focus your energy on what really gets you where you want to go. This is how your possibly most difficult life crisis becomes the greatest opportunity of your life!


So what if, after reading this encouragement book, you…

...follow your intuition to find the job/relationship/friendship you've always longed for?

...would have the courage to break new ground and find the happiness you've been dreaming of for so long?

...would rediscover the trust in yourself and your own strength that you already had as a child?

Let yourself be motivated to take your life into your own hands now instead of just dreaming about it. "The way of the heart is the way of courage" once said OSHO in his  Courage - live wild and dangerous book . In his work, the brain researcher Gerald Hüther argues that it is not just about courage, but  it is much more the trust that paves the way. You can overcome your own fear, dare to jump in at the deep end and have new loving experiences . So feel invited to get out of your head and into your feelings, because that is where your great potential lies. This encouragement book would like to accompany you a bit into your freedom.

About the authors and the project


The "So geht Freiheit" book is a non-profit common good joint project of the  Publisher & author Manuel Schönthaler  together with the co-authors  Markus Langer ,  Flo Goette ,  Tina Reimer , Winnifred Lachner, Bastian Schaller, Walter Quiring, Leon Hirschring, Doreen Luig,  Lilian Seuberling,  Lucila Pappalardo and others At the time of writing, they all live in different places in the world: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Malta, Peru, Spain or the Czech Republic. The proceeds from the sale of the book will flow into the non-profit initiative "Healthy Autonomy Development for Emotional Freedom", which will manifest itself as an association at the start of sales. She is committed to helping people in difficult life situations and would like to support them on their way back to their own self-determination. This will happen through specialist lectures, seminars, workshops, coaching, training, expert talks, tips, tricks, financial, legal and social support.

The "So geht Freiheit" book is rounded off by selected poems from the  Book "Beyond Fear" by co-author Lucila Pappalardo , intended to remind you of your infinite powers that lie dormant deep within you.

The book can now be pre-ordered on the publisher's website and will be published on March 21, 2022 .

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