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your dreams

Together we travel
in your
future to there
to realize your dreams
I support you on the way to your emotional  freedom  to find your autonomous life in love, lust & lightness  respectively.
your situation ...

You're still doing your rounds in your 9-to-5 hamster wheel ,  lets your colleagues annoy you every day and you feel under increasing pressure. Your boss doesn't encourage you as much as you would like, but has recently restricted you even more. In the evening you come home completely unbalanced and can hardly enjoy the much too short end of the day with the hardly any remaining energy.

Somehow you had imagined it differently when you started your professional life. You make good money, but it doesn't make you really happy anymore . All the material things you can afford now fade in importance faster than the next success comes. You're tired of nonsensical rules, stupid sayings and the constant distrust of your colleagues. Unfortunately, you don't have enough time for your real needs or you don't really know them at all.

your wish ...

Would you like to do your own thing , create something meaningful, completely independently and autonomously, that not only gives you great pleasure, but also leaves a sustainable footprint. You may have a secret dream that you keep dreaming about but just can't imagine how it's going to become a reality. Or it's just a vague sense of freedom and adventure that keeps coming over you. The little kid in you would love to, just like...

Your  challenge ...

As soon as you start thinking about how your dream should create a professional perspective for you, sentences like "how is that supposed to work" or "it won't work anyway" immediately spring to mind. And when you tell others about it, you're immediately dismissed as a naïve dreamer or a hopeless idealist and reminded of just how lucky you are right now. But that's exactly what doesn't make you happy, you feel that more and more clearly.


Your longing is growing, as is your frustration.

No matter how hard you try to adapt to your destiny, you can't - your wish keeps coming and just won't let you go. "How nice it would be if I wasn't alone with my wishes and someone would accompany me in realizing my dream of free life!"

Your  Redemption ...

I see you, I understand you, I feel you!


I was no different for many years. Until I finally dared to get off my hamster wheel, become self-employed and go my own way. I've had almost every experience myself, sometimes waiting so long until there was no other way, made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from them. In the meantime I have left the system completely and am going my own way.

I now pass all of this on to you in my mentoring programs. Because here you no longer have to make every experience yourself, but can grow together with me and a group of like-minded people who are currently going the same way and mastering similar challenges. I support you in breaking new ground, growing beyond yourself and reaching your goal without unnecessary detours .

Dein Weg
Wer ich bin
About me

I'm Manuel Schönthaler , Empowerment Coach, Mindset Mentor & Trauma Healer.

After 15 years of sales and management career , the separation from my ex-wife, depression and my daughter's suicidality prompted me to rethink. I started to change my whole life and start my own business. I completed a systemic business coach & trainer further education and then founded without a plan. After initial experience, I wanted to go deeper, which is why I began intensive further training to become a psychological consultant at the Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule. In total, I have now completed well over 1300 hours of further training there.


I am currently in the basic training for trauma healing with Dami Charf and practice honest sharing according to Gopal to my offers in the area of developmental and attachment trauma  to expand steadily.

Since 2021 I have been living out of my backpack in the most beautiful places in the world, regardless of location, because I have learned to take care of my own needs first. There I create group events and retreats together with local partners.

Was hat ein Kabarettist, Seriengründer, Cryptoinvestor, Aussteiger, Präsident einer Männerakademie und Lebenskünstler mit einer Muse, reisenden Liebesforscherin, Energy Mentorin, Emotionslehrerin, Seelenaktivistin und Self-Made-Minimalisten gemeinsam?

Sie alle hatten vor diesen außergewöhnlichen Berufungen einmal „ganz normale“ Jobs. Einer war Bankkaufmann, Informatiker oder Werkzeugmechaniker, die andere Pädagogin, IT-Managerin oder Studentin. Doch irgendwann haben sie alle eines in ihrem Leben bemerkt: dass ein Job zum Geld verdienen, ein Haus als sicheres Dach über dem Kopf und ein schickes Auto in der Garage ihnen kein echtes Glück und Erfüllung im Leben bringen. Darum haben sie sich nach einschneidenden Erfahrungen in ihrem Leben entschieden, jetzt ihren eigenen nachhaltigen Weg in ihre Freiheit zu kreieren und endlich so zu leben, wie sie es wirklich tief in ihrem Herzen wollen.

In diesem "So geht Freiheit" Mutmachbuch nehmen sie dich ein Stück mit in ihre Fußstapfen und erzählen dir, wie sie ihre ganz persönliche Erfüllung gefunden haben. Sie möchten dir damit Mut machen, damit auch du es in deinem eigenen Leben schaffen kannst, trotz großer Unsicherheit und wiederkehrenden Zweifeln dein ganz großes Glück zu finden.

Es erwarten dich 12 Geschichten mutiger Menschen, die alle ihren ganz eigenen Weg gegangen sind und ihn immer noch gehen. Dazu bekommst du Tipps von ExpertInnen und konkrete Tools für deine eigene Entwicklung an die Hand. Sie helfen dir dabei, deine Ängste und Zweifel zu überwinden, ins Tun zu kommen und deine Energie darauf zu fokussieren, was dich wirklich an dein Wunschziel bringt. So wird aus deiner womöglich schwersten Lebenskrise die allergrößte Chance deines Lebens!

Mit einem Vorwort von Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert zur gesunden Autonomie.

Titelcover 1 „So geht Freiheit“ tiny.jpg
Meine persönliche 10-Jahres-Vision:

Ich möchte 1 Million Menschen in 10+ Sprachen zur Traumaheilung sensibilisieren, um das dadurch verursachte enorme menschliche Leiden auf der Welt spürbar zu reduzieren.


Here you can find them  Overview of the coaching sessions and offers that can currently be booked online . If you would like an initial consultation to get to know what suits you best, then book 60 minutes with me.


Workshops, Seminare & Gruppencoachings

Hier findest du Infos zu den Visionsworkshops, den Mastermindgruppen u.a.


1:1 Coachings

Kurz- & Langzeit Einzelbegleitung

(on- & offline)

Hier findest du Infos zu meinen Einzelangeboten, in denen nur du und ich miteinander arbeiten

Sitzung beim Psychologen


Workbooks, Kurse & Masterclasses

Hier findest du Infos zu meinen Onlinekursen wie dem "So geht Freiheit" Workbook, Kurs und der Masterclass

Image by Chris Montgomery

Retreats & Erlebnisse

Einzel- & Gruppenangebote

vor Ort in der Natur

Hier findest du Infos zu meinen Männer-Outdoor-Abenteuern, Wandercoachings & Retreats

Image by Tegan Mierle


  • you are highly motivated to change your current situation in order to finally achieve your dreams

  • you are willing to invest in yourself and leave your old world behind

  • you are so passionate about your wishes and dreams that you want to leave your comfort zone for them

  • you autonomy,  Freedom and independence mean so much that you will also overcome obstacles

  • you finally want to live in the fullness that you have been wishing for all your life

  • for you love, lust and lightness  are worth so much more than fear, stress and pressure to perform


  • you 'd rather stay where you are and find reasons why you of all people can't make it

  • you are not willing to invest time and money in yourself and to change your environment for it

  • your wishes and dreams are less important to you than your comfort zone, in which you feel completely at ease

  • you are not willing to find solutions to overcome your hurdles and challenges

  • you don't care if it stays exhausting and you want to come to terms with your lack until the end of your life

  • your strategies for  Fear, stress & pressure to perform work so well that you no longer believe in love



"Manuel gets to the heart of the matter and teases out what is dormant in you."

"Manuel uncovered a few blind spots and opened up new horizons."

"With Manuel, I always had the 100% feeling that I was so in

okay as I am."

"Manuel showed me my own greatness on Madeira."

"With Manuel I learned to show myself with my message."

"Manuel saw me on the way to becoming self-employed."

"With Manuel I was able to free myself from my performance patterns."

"Without Manuel I probably wouldn't have gone to Tenerife."

"Coaching with Manuel was literally life changing ."


 The #justfuckindoit podcast 

Here I'm talking to courageous people who just do it, even if everyone said "it can't be done" - they did it anyway and went their own way. You can find out in the podcast what they experienced, what experiences they gained, what they learned from and what they advise you now.

Meine Story

my transformation

I didn't feel good enough. Was afraid to show myself I didn't think I was right. i would be too much I'm to blame. I have to work hard to be loved.

I know these sentences only too well from my own life, because they have accompanied me unconsciously for a long time. It was only when I started my own business in 2019 that it became apparent what a major role they play in my life and how they prevented me from finding my full size. For a long time I cheated myself, couldn't look at painful parts of my life, where the lasting solution to my deep-seated problems lay.

Until I finally trusted my intuition more and more and worked with people who should make a real difference in my life. I also got to know constellation work, hypnosis and trauma therapy, which initially turned my family system completely upside down. However, in the long term they should enable me to finally go my own autonomous path to emotional freedom. Because I was deeply enmeshed in the parental trauma, waging a war against myself and wasting energy in the wrong place.

Today, as part of this transformation, I have managed to live my vocation.

"The way of the heart is the way of courage." (OSHO)

A crucial key on this path was the decision to start a coaching program with my mentor at the time, Tina Reimer, who I met when I first appeared on stage as a keynote speaker and who was later a guest on my podcast on the topic of intuition. At the end of 2020, I invested five figures in a six-month coaching program with her to find the way to my emotional freedom.

My reason said I was crazy at the time, but I felt that it would take me to where I hadn't allowed myself to be for so long. Today, one year after this decision, I am writing these lines and living the way I always wanted to.

It was the biggest commitment to myself and my life that I have ever met. The path and the doors it opened up are priceless.

Mehr über mich

 Here you can experience me 

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