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What's your biggest dream?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Yesterday someone whom I met for the first time to show me this magical place asked me about my coaching. When he heard me talking about dreaming big he asked me: "What's your biggest dream?" I couldn't clearly answer it. Am I already living my big dream here?

Currently I am living on an adventurous island in the middle of the Atlantic called Madeira, it feels like home for me. Last year I already spent 4 months in this paradise here exploring all different places from coasts, beaches, peaks, forests, canyons, tunnel & levadas hikes and more. I made new local friends, transformed traumatized parts of myself and discovered how I actually really want to live - not what I was telling myself for the past decades how that it supposed to look like. When I decided to return to Germany last July to liquidate my apartment and sell all my stuff, my dream was to come back here to live as a digital nomad. Today I work with people on their own dreams in the beautiful nature of this magical landscape and am incredibly happy of having made this decision for abundance in my life.

However that was not always the case in my life. Most of my time I did what others expected of me or what I thought would bring me happiness: having fast sports cars, a fancy city apartment in prime location, a good sounding title on my business card and a 6-figure income. But I was just living in golden chains and unconsciously tried to build a world in the outside to make me some kind of happy. This was staying fragile though as long as my world in the inside was not reflecting that happiness. So I failed and my world crashed.

When my mentor Rich Litvin recently in a coaching session was talking about his 10 year vision I realized that I don't currently have one. He was asking: "What would be a vision that you would follow for the next 10 years and ambitiously work towards without getting bored?"

In this moment it appeared to me that without having this clear vision I was just living from one day to the other pretending to live the life I really want. But that's just self-betrayal. Even I already live my last big dream which obviously came to life in a much shorter time than I expected. So this is something that's worth being celebrated. But what's my next mission, what's my next big vision, my next biggest dream that I strive for, that keeps me going?

I want to spread the word about trauma as the root cause of all human suffering in more than 10 languages and make trauma healing accessible to 1 million people around the world within the next 10 years.

WOW! What a goal!

This is dreaming big! Even I have a rough idea to make this happen and am more than keen to work towards it. But my rational brain part can absolutely not imagine right now to reach a million people all over the world without speaking all these languages myself. When looking up which are the most widespread languages my mother language German as well as English, French and Italian where I have some knowledge are altogether just a fraction of the most widely spoken languages like Mandarin-Chinese or Hindi which I do not speak or understand at all.

When I was starting the first book "So geht Freiheit" in German which is planned to be published in March 2022 I didn't think of any other languages. But when a Spanish and English speaking author was suddenly joining the project my mindset was opened for doing this on a much broader scale and I could even imagine having French and Portuguese next. I made some thoughts about Russian then but never had Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, Arabic or Japanese on my mind. When looking at this big picture now I can imagine that this project is going to become much bigger than I could have ever imagined before.

These kind of goals are called "C" goals - they are so big that you have no clue how to get there but are so desirable that you will make anything possible to reach them. And this is why I tell this story: to commit to that goal even that number sounds so unrealistically high to me right now. I promised to hide nothing, go all-in and play full out in my last coaching session with Rich. It made me feel uncomfortable and requires to get out of my comfort zone. I had my first ever speed coaching session in English there (3mins without preparation) and talked about my biggest fear which is to jump in a new group of people that I don't know yet and show myself just as I am.

Another story was when I was having two unexpected English calls this week which both ended in coaching sessions without having planned for it. It would have made me feel uncomfortable if I would have known before to go in that direction because I only ever had one real coaching session not in my mother language. It went amazingly well and lead to a close relationship with that person until today that is supporting me on my mission now. But could I have imagined that before? Could I have imagined to start coaching in English? To start writing English blog posts (this is my first one)? To think about recording English inspirational videos for my YouTube channel in the near future? To expand my business scope and move out of my safe German bubble? Probably not.

Things can become much bigger than you are ever able to think of. That's my point.

As soon as you allow yourself to dream as big as you can without knowing how to get there the real magic starts to happen! You don't have to plan it, you don't have to know how exactly it works. You just need to stay open-minded and follow your heart and intuition. That's why I want to encourage you with this post to reconsider your current goals, visions and dreams. Ask yourself: "Am I dreaming big enough? Am I allowing myself to grow beyond my own limitations? Or am I am still living in my safe bubble waiting for miracles?"

If you want to expand your scope, grow beyond and start dreaming big let's talk. Because this is what I do best: support people like you to dream even bigger than you allow yourself. I am working on the English version of the dream workbook, it'll be available soon.


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